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Challenge Driven Machine Building

Our industrial automation services were forged from the fires of past experience. We’ve been improving our own systems and equipment since our founding and finding more efficient ways to accomplish tasks is in our DNA. Starting off as a manufacturer and building our own equipment gave us a unique perspective in the industry. We’ve been pitched excessive technology, purchased automation equipment that didn’t work right, and experienced sales personnel that are told to sell a product line, not the right product for the job. Those experiences honed us into who we are as machine builders and the type of equipment we want to develop.


Our Industrial Automation Services

In-Line Vision Inspection Systems
Vision Guided Robotics Tasking
Pick & Place
Feed Systems
Post Injection Molding Part Handling
Fully & Partially Automated Insert Molding
Centralized Machine Monitoring & Control Systems

Machine Examples

A Wide-Range of Applications

Fully Automated Acrylic Foam Tap Application
Fully Automated Insert Molding
Injection Molding Shop Monitor & Control Systems
Industrial Battery Welding Application
In-Line Vision Inspection
Automated Packaging Application

why choose basilius

For Your industrial automation

We are industrial automation experts. With a complete understanding of what it takes to integrate an automation system, we can help with all of your automation needs. Every company is different. Our process was designed to focus on what makes your process unique, allowing us to create an automation system  that will meet and exceed your needs. Want to discuss your automation project with us? Fill out our simple online form and we’ll be in touch.

Results Driven
Building custom automation equipment is all about the results and seeing them through. We meet with clients, decide what the goals are, and relentlessly execute on the seeing the project through.
Full Spectrum
Basilius can build everything small operator assisted systems to full automated assembly operations. Our goal is to match the level of technology with the problem at hand, not to oversell, or push product lines.
We work with you to discuss the project in detail and decide what the ultimate goals are and how they should be accomplished. We learn every aspect of the project and how it fits into your long term goals.
Basilius has made me feel confident in the future of my business, knowing that they are producing my parts. Being able to keep things local, open communication and transparency are key factors in a successful business and relationship. Basilius brings all of that and more to the table and partnership. I know I will be able to grow without pains having Basilius there to support my business. Great service, great people, great facilities, and great management.

Jeff Smith

COO - Fresh Products

Fresh Products

Automation Case Study

When Jeff Smith, COO of Fresh Products reached out we knew that the project would be a challenging, yet rewarding one that our team had the skills and capabilities to take on. Incorporating industrial automation systems for their wide selection of products was essential for their rapidly growing business and we knew just how pivotal automation would be in increasing their capacity. 



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