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This part is a molded filter has .03 inch openings. Basilius is able to achieve optimum quality using an integrated machine vision system

Learn the basics of the overmolding process and how it’s used in various industries.

Use this guide to help decide if you should keep repairing an old mold or replace it all together.

Injection molds can have complicated parting lines and can wear over time or be easily damaged.

Injection mold gates are exposed to extremely high speed plastic on each molding cycle. Learn how gates are repaired or replaced.

Learn more about common wear areas on mold ejection systems and how they are repaired.

Overmolding uses the same injection molding process but differs in that material is molded around a substrate.

When selecting material, both the substrate and the overmold material should be considered. This guides will help you select the right materials.

Designing your part correctly for the overmolding process is critical. That design process starts with understanding the function of the part.

Hydraulic actuators are used for various injection molding applications such as: slides, core pulls, ejection systems, and unscrewing cores.

A guided ejection system is a means of supporting the weight of the entire ejection system while it’s actuated by a molding machine or a hydraulic system.

It can be challenging to compare quotes accurately to assess your best option. The article describes why quotes vary from supplier to supplier.

Ultrasonically welding plastics creates a permanent, water-resistant, and impact resistant connection between two plastics that avoids the use hardware.

Pad printing is a process for applying ink-based graphics to various surfaces and is commonly used the injection molding industry.

How injection molded parts are handled after molding has design implications for the mold build. This guide will help you understand those implications.

Foam tape is great alternative to mechanical connections or chemical bonding between injection molded components and various substrate materials.

From female threaded in custom designs, there are several design options for molded-in inserts.

Switching molders is not an easy task. Use this evaluation process for finding a reliable, trustworthy injection molding supplier.

For some molding applications, it may be best to CNC machine holes and threads after injection molding instead of investing upfront in tooling.

For several years, Basilius has CNC machined suspension and wheel components for The University of Toledo’s Formula SAE (Rocket Motorsports) team.

There could be simple ways to reduce the cost of your CNC machined part by following these simple guidelines.

Plastics can degrade and lose critical material properties over time, but this can be prevented by proper material selection.

These are the different surface finishes and coating available for CNC machined components

For many injection molding applications, some assembly may be required. See how your injection molder can provide assembly services.

There are several design tips to make CNC machined components easier to manufacture and function better.

Hot stamping is a process used for generating graphics or lettering on plastic parts.

This is a guide to select a material for a CNC machined component.

Changing from metal to plastic can yield many advantages, such as: cost savings, weight savings, and simplified/quicker manufacturing.

Tolerances are critical for CNC machined components to be accurate and consistent.

Couple ever advancing plastics with more complicated part designs and the need for your injection molder to invest in technology becomes apparent.

There are thousands of mold builders around the world. In trying to source your molding you could end up wondering if it even matters who you use.

CNC lathes can produce a large variety of parts, depending on the machines functionality. These are the different machines and how they operate.

Learn the basics of the CNC milling machine process and how different types of cnc machines are used to produce various components.

We worked with a leading pump manufacturer to provide them a two cavity mold with both hydraulically controlled unscrewing cores and hand loads.

Basilius Inc. has a history going back to the early 1950s. This is a story of how we got started and how we ended up where we are today.

In this article, we will cover the various ways that inserts can be added to an injection molded part.

Although there’s no replacement for good operators the equipment they run matters.

Overmolding plastic may include anything from ergonomic grip features to to metal threaded inserts. Here is a breakdown of how the these processes work.

In this high volume injection molding application, we are running an automatic insert loading operation.

See how Basilius is using robotics to support high volume injection molding applications

Check out how Basilius deployed a proprietary mold base design to decrease lead times and reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

This is how Basilius is accomplishing 100% machine vision inspection at the press.

Class 101 molds are built for high volume production environments. See what it takes to classify a mold to the 101 standards.

Learn more about deep hole drilling, how it works, and when it’s best applied to a project.

The cost of injection molds vary based on the part and the application. This post will help you understand the contributing factors to the cost of a mold.

There’s no doubt 3D printing has become all the craze for everyone from hobbyist to fortune 500 companies. And why wouldn’t it be?

The part looks simple but required several cam actions and an over-molded insert.

Hinges and clips are common features of injection molded parts. See how they are designed for injection molding.

Every injection molded part has a parting lines. See how we decide where to put them and how they are designed.

This mold was built for a large tier one automotive supplier. The part has several undercuts and features making the mold design more advanced than usual.

When a mold is ran for the first time there’s a lot to consider. From testing mold functionality to checking dimensions, this is what to expect.

Cycle time and producing an extremely high volume of parts consistently and reliably is of the utmost importance for cap and closure manufacturers

Cavitation can have huge implications on both piece price and mold cost. See how we can do a cost benefit analysis to find the right fit.

The cost of machine time in the injection molding industry is not standardized. See what goes into the different rates across the industry.

Residence time can have a large influence on part quality and process consistency. Check out how we calculate it to match a mold to a press.

Plastic parts can warp as they cool. We can predict and compensate for this using software and design best practices.

There are thousands of plastics available to injection molders. Learn about the broad categories of materials.

When you need accuracy you need accurate machines and accurate tool holding. Shrink fit tooling is critical to holding the highest level of accuracy.

Drying materials before molding is important for part integrity and cosmetics. Learn the basic of how material is dried why it’s important.

Drafting is an important design feature for mold functionality and part quality.

There are many different types of surfaces finishes available for plastic parts. Some of which may require minor design changes.

Having uniform wall thickness is important for the injection molding process. Here we will discuss why that is and how to design for molding.

We’ve recently deployed the FCS work holding system. Here’s what it is, how we use it, and what it means for you

Here’s a design breakdown of a three plate mold.

Graphite milling is the first step for using a ram EDM where the electrode used is designed and machined.

If you’ve been inside a mold shop you’ve likely seen a few electrical discharge machines (EDM). Here’s how they work and how he technology is utilized.

Proper preventative maintenance is critical to life of injection mold tooling. Here we go over the basics of making your tools last.

Exceeding a million mold cycles goes much further than material choices or a hardness level. Designing for longevity and serviceability is critical.

Here we look at the injection molding process and the different methodologies for controlling it.

There are a handful of different materials used for building injection molds. It’s important to understand the application of each.

This post will help you understand the basics of how gun drilling is used and how it compares to other types of drilling.

Being in the industry we use the lingo as if everyone already knows what we’re talking about. We hope to clarify some of the terminology here.

There are several types of gate designs. The following post shows each one of these designs and it’s purpose in the injection molding process.

When deciding to upgrade from a cold runner to a hot runner there are a few contributing factors to consider.

The strength of being a mold builder and injection molder is realized through the entire process. From initial design to long term production.

Automation is critical for injection molders to maintain the highest quality and delivery standards.

Injection molded parts can have several different issues. We will go through the common challenges and the remedies for each.

SPI introduced mold building classifications to help eliminate confusion in mold quoting. Here is a list of each class along with a description of each.

Understanding the long term goals of your molding project is critical to it’s success.

Follow these tips to ensure your getting the best price on your tooling.

This part is for a military application and required two dovetail features on the A side of the tooling.

This project was a 16 cavity family tool. Balancing fill using injection molding simulation software was critical to it’s success.

Molders understand the amount of pressure applied to their buyers. Use these 6 tips to to help your molder provide you the best possible price.

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