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Like the needs of our industrial customers, consumer product development often presents opportunities for us to utilize our expertise and mold flow simulation tools. Cost savings opportunities through design and material considerations are key to helping our customers be cost-competitive in a tough marketplace.

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Every consumer product presents a unique challenge. With decades of experience, we face these challenges head-on and help produce some amazing products for mass consumption.

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Even if your product is just an idea, we can help. From mold design to full production runs, we have the capabilities to help you bring your product to market. Better yet, we can help with any challenges that arise along the way.
We Are Experts
We have the proper tools, software, and years of experience in the consumer products space. This means you will save time, money, and maybe even avoid some potential pitfalls that we've dealt with before.
COst Effective
It's critical that your production is cost effective in the consumer products industry. With competitors abound we can use our expertise in design and materials to help you stay cost effective and ahead of the competition.
Since 2001, Basilius has been a reliable partner in assisting us with engineering and injection molding services which have enabled us to bring proof of concept projects to production successfully.

Brad M.

Owner/Project Manager / Helmet Comp

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