The quality of the part can’t be greater than the least of its parts. It’s simple: the precision of the tool is the key to the quality of the part. Mold building is an art. That’s why we build and test our tools to the most exacting quality standards. Whether you need a repair, revision, prototype or high volume multi-cavity production tool, we’ll turn it around quickly and accurately. 


The Art of Mold Building

part design

Bring us your idea and we will take it from concept to a workable design. It's just that easy.

Tooling Design

We factor quality, efficiency, and durability into the equation. During the design we analyze every detail to anticipate potential problems. Leaving you with trouble-free operation.


You will find KeyCreator software on nearly every Basilius computer. KeyCreator's solid-based modeling creates mold designs, which become our road map for every tool build.



MoldFlow Analysis

Simulating plastic flow is the front-end to our mold designing process. Performing multiple what-if scenarios gives us the information we need to achieve quality molded parts.

Design for Manufacturing

DFM portrays the intent of the mold design. Some of the design items considered include; parting lines, gating, ejection locations, action, draft analysis, and part wall section analysis.

In-house tooling trial

The tool debugging phase of mold validation occurs at our facility ensuring that the tool is production ready when it arrives at your door.

why choose basilius

For your Mold Building Project

We’re expert mold builders. Whether you need a quick prototype mold or a quality high-volume production mold that lasts, we have you covered. Our mold manufacturing and repair process is second to none and will leave you 100% satisfied with the result. Not quite sure what you need? That’s fine too. Fill our our simple mold building quote form. We’ll contact you and happily guide you through the entire process.

We offer quick turnaround prototyping. Using a proprietary mold base we can make a prototype or production tooling more cost-effective for your company.
Communication is key. We share weekly progress reports with our customers so timing is understood throughout the entire mold building process and molding phase.
At Basilius, Class 101 molds are our specialty. We build high-quality molds that last, which helps to avoid tooling and part issues during the production of your product.

Since 2001, Basilius has been a reliable partner in assisting us with engineering and injection molding services which have enabled us to bring proof of concept projects to production successfully.

Brad M.

Owner/Project Manager / Helmet Comp

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