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General Questions

Basilius is not a product design firm, however we are happy to evaluate your design for manufacturing and cost efficiencies. Although we can make suggestions, our customer must determine if a product design is suitable for the intended application. Because the customer is design responsible, we recommend that you consult with a product design firm if you have questions in this regard.

Yes. We can accept and if necessary, convert your native files. Our preferred format for receiving data is STEP files. Transfer of large files can be completed through our FTP site.
Yes, we build low cost prototype tools that allow you to have a production intent, functioning part, molded in the material of your choice.
Yes, Basilius can offer you low cost tooling alternatives such as Mold Inserts Only (MIO) to run in Basilius owned frames. We would be happy to review any new or existing part and determine what low-cost tooling options may be available to you.

No, Basilius takes great pride in building high quality tooling in our own facility (Toledo, Ohio USA). Basilius will revise and repair LCC manufactured tools purchased by others, but we strongly believe that a Basilius built tool provides the best overall program value. Check out our 5 Tips to Get a Better Price on Injection Molds to learn more.

Kick off for a new program (part) begins when we receive your PO and final CAD data. A timing chart will be created, updated and e-mailed to you each Monday morning. Design review and APQP are additional tools we use to ensure your part is completed on time and to your specifications.
This will depend upon the details of your project. Initial feasibility studies help us evaluate your project to make sure we can meet all your requirements. Rest assured, we don’t make promises we can’t keep.
Yes! Basilius has a horizontal management structure that fosters an environment of continual improvement utilizing many lean manufacturing techniques. “Lean But Stocked”… Basilius frequently receives “last minute” customer orders without sufficient material procurement or manufacturing lead times. Basilius maintains safety stock and is able, in most cases, to fill unexpected customer orders within our lean manufacturing environment.
No. Basilius specializes in the injection molding process.
Possibly. Manufacturing processes are chosen for a reason as each have their strengths and weaknesses. We would be happy to review any new or existing part that you have and provide our recommendations.
Yes, this is a common practice. However, the converting of a metal part to plastic may involve changes to the design. A design modification may be required for the purpose of moldability or cost reduction. We would be happy to review any new or existing part that you have and provide our recommendations.

Yes, Basilius is able to provide a variety of in-house value-added services. Services include the application of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (AFT, 3M VHB, and TESA Products) to Molded Parts, Light Assembly, Sonic Welding, Hot Stamping and Pad Printing. Note: Hot Stamping and Pad Printing currently outsourced to quality sub suppliers.

Yes, application of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive to Molded Parts is something Basilius specializes in. We tape millions of parts annually with AFT, 3M VHB & TESA foam products.

Basilius has been certified to ISO standards since 1998. We currently hold ISO 9001: 2015 certification and have maintained an excellent quality and delivery record over our many years in business.
Yes! Established over 60 years ago, our longevity and strength is a result of meeting our customer’s requirements and earning a fair profit on the work we do. Basilius strength is further demonstrated by its on-going investment in the latest equipment and technology.

Basilius is our family name. We are a 4th generation molder and builder of injection molds. Basilius is pronounced ba-SILL-ee-us.

Injection Molding

Yes, all mold work (prototype tooling, production tooling, revisions and repair) is done in-house. Basilius also does mold repair & revisions for other molders. If you do not have data for your existing tooling, Basilius can, in many instances, digitize your tooling and recreate the data.
Lead time will vary based on the complexity of the part and our work load at the time of kick off. Our quote will provide a lead time “range” in weeks. It is important that you check with us before you make an award of business. Our lead time may be better than originally quoted.
There is an inverse relationship between mold cost and piece price. That is…. the higher the tool cost (greater number of cavities) the lower the piece price. Determining the optimum cavitation for your project will depend on the part complexity, annual volume, number of years the program will run and your desired ROI. Basilius can help you evaluate which tooling options make the most sense for your product.

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