Craftsmanship Still Counts

The quality of the part can’t be greater than the least of it’s parts. It’s simple: the precision of the tool is the key to the quality of the part. That’s why we build and test our tools to the most exacting quality standards. Whether you need a repair, revision, prototype or high volume multi-cavity production tool, we’ll turn it around quickly and accurately.

In House Tooling Trial

We test the tooling on our time in a production environment before delivery.  Any revisions or adjustments that are needed can be accomplished quickly and easily – right in our own facility. As a result, there are no shipping, handling, or scheduling delays.


In house Mold Building Services

The newest additions to the Basilius CNC family include a Makino A61 horizontal Machining Center and a Mazak Quickturn Multi-Tasking lathe. This equipment has increased the scope of our molding and production machining capabilities; resulting in enhanced accuracy, consistency and decreased lead times. See a full equipment list here.

Although frequently taken for granted, grinding (in all forms) is an important step in the mold building process. Basilius surface and OD/ID grinders, housed in a temperature controlled environment, deliver accuracy and excellent surface finish.

With all the advancements in machining technologies, EDM still has a place in the mold building process.   Our multi axis RAM and wire EDM machines compliment the complete mold building process.

Accurate drilling with large “depth to diameter” ratios can be difficult, with complicated mold designs leaving little room for error. Basilius gun drilling equipment yields high depth to diameter ratios with drill sizes ranging from .250 to 1.000 and depths up to 40 inches.

Accuracy in graphite milling and electrical discharge machining go hand in hand. Makino graphite mills deliver the precision needed to meet the highest standards. Find out more under the equipment tab.

Basilius has CNC equipment that is production ready. Whether you need one part or hundreds of parts, let us put this equipment to work for you. Click the contact page, upload your file and receive a quote.

CMM inspection is one of many tools we use to verify accuracy. Whether used for internal validations or customer requested dimensional inspection reports, It’s the right tool for the job.