The Strength of Being a Tool Builder and Injection Molder

There are endless details to what makes a great mold and high-quality injection molded parts. As a buyer, it may not matter to you how the ejection system moves or how a part is gated.  Ultimately, the mold needs to last, and you want quality molded parts on time, without any surprises along the way. To achieve this, the details of design and the experience of injection molding go hand and hand. 

The strength of having design, tool building, and injection molding under one roof is realized in a few key areas. First is the ability to leverage the experience of each aspect to influence others positively. At Basilius, we’ve been building injection molds and providing injection molding services for decades. It didn’t take long, providing both services for us to realize that each makes us better at the other. We’ve been able to make design standards and best practices based on experience in high production injection molding. At the same time, we can leverage experience in mold building to make sure molds exceed the cycle expectations. 

The second advantage of the one-stop shop is the in house tool trial. When we build a mold, it goes from one side of the building to the other. Not to another state or country. If any tweaks need to be made after the first trial they are done immediately, without blame, without shipping, and without delay. Molds are proven out on our time and are production-ready when they leave our facility. Furthermore, our benchmark process sheets and mold studies give you a starting point so not only do you know the mold is ready for production, but you have sample parts and the exact machine parameters used to create those parts. 

Over time tooling surfaces, gates, ejectors, and so on will show signs of wear. This doesn’t have to mean that production gets delayed or deadlines get missed. Having a tool shop next to production gives both sides the ability to plan preventative maintenance and respond to tooling issues immediately. This saves the headache of shipping tooling, trying to coordinate repairs, transferring CAD data, and so on.

As you can see, the strength of being a mold builder and injection molder is realized through the entire process. From initial design to long term production, there are many advantages to keeping everything under one roof.

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