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Miscellaneous Equipment

Laser (Telesis EV40)

Engraving: capable of steel removal via laser etching to provide either basic or intricate features to cavities such as text or logos

Annealing: Capable of surface annealing steel to provide clearly defined text that identifies different features of molds such as cavity numbers, hot runner zones associated with specific drops, cams associated with specific cavities and/or locations, etc. 

Table Ejection System Custom built to allow cycling the ejector system outside of the molding machine
Gun Drill (Techni-Drill) Capacity: Ø1/4" - Ø1" holes, approximately 40" deep
Die Separator (5 Ton) Crane (5 Ton) Radial Drill Press
Vapor Blast Sand Blast Welder (TIG)
Rockwell Hardness Tester Dake Spotting Press CMM (Microval)
Precision Pin Cutoff and Grinding Machine

Horizontal Band Saw

Vertical Band Saw



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